• Using cashback rewards is something many credit card owners look forward to. These programs are offered by the credit card issuers in order to encourage bigger usage of credit cards. Both card issuers and card owners have benefits from cashback rewards programs. Card holders receive back percentage of money they have spent on products and services, but rewards can also… [Continue Reading]

    Ways for Getting Better Cashback Rewards
  • The United States government has entered the longest shut-down in history. As a result, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are now going without pay. Each day, we hear sad stories of people selling their cars to make rent, worrying about foreclosure due to missed mortgage payments and having to choose between buying food or paying for medical prescriptions. Times… [Continue Reading]

    The US Government Shut Down. Let’s Think About Creating Extra Income.
  • “If I told you about a land of love, Friend, would you follow me and come?” If anything could be quoted to a foreigner about India, it would probably be this little couplet by Yunus Emre. For what is India if not a land of love? One that manifests in varied colours and cultures, temples and mosques, festivals and celebrations,… [Continue Reading]

    A Journey Through The Cultural Kaleidoscope: India
  • When you buy your first home you initially need to focus your efforts solely on making the purchase and your finances. Once you have actually moved in then it can be easy to think that all you now need to do is enjoy your new pad. While it is important to have lots of fun and good times in your… [Continue Reading]

    How To Keep Your First Home in Tip-Top Condition
  • Romance is, of course, what weddings are all about. Some couples like to celebrate their love in a fun, party-style atmosphere, while others prefer a more elegant and intimate setting. If you’re longing for a movie-style ceremony that’s bursting at the seams with romance, you’re not alone. While you and your partner will be feeling the love no matter what,… [Continue Reading]

    Tips on How to Make Your Wedding More Romantic

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