• Hot-smoked,lox, cold-smoked, lemon-peppered, everything bagel-ed, kippered, and candied. At Brooklyn, New York-based Acme Smoked Fish, smoking salmon is art with dozens of permutations. The wholesaler produced 15 million pounds of smoked fish last year, more than 9 million of which were salmon. Whitefish is also popular. Acme’s herring, which comes pickled, creamed, and in wine sauce, is another fan-favorite. Sable,… [Continue Reading]

    How Lox, Whitefish, and Herring Became American Staples
  • Whether we’re eighteen or eighty, taking care of our bodies is important. When we’re younger, it’s about taking care of our physical fitness for sports or appearance. As we age, however, our priorities differ. While many might think that aging means giving ourselves a little bit of slack by eating what we want, limiting our exercise, and being a bit… [Continue Reading]

    Patriot Health Alliance: 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Green Drinks
  • Being one-half of a new couple is quite exciting. You want to impress your partner, and you have this strong desire to share as many extraordinary experiences as possible. This is entirely understandable because you feel like a much better person when love is new. It’s a common practice to go to great lengths for the other person. That means… [Continue Reading]

    Nine Unique Date Ideas for New Couples
  • One of the things that stands out the most for any person trying to raise money for their own business endeavors is the rise of crowdfunding. It seems like every company is at least trying it, and some are having success, while others come up well short of their goals. It’s frustrating for those who don’t meet expectations, but one… [Continue Reading]

    Joe Parker of InventureX Talks About Rewards-Based Crowdfunding
  • I’ve certainly gone on my fair share of diets. It is beneficial in a lot of obvious ways, as long as a person knows what they are doing for the most part. Not only is diet and exercise important, but even little things matter as well. Whenever I do go on a diet, I look for supplements that can help… [Continue Reading]

    The Impact Of Patriot Power Greens Supplement While On Diet

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